When in your in a particular kind of state like I am right now, it is easy to write. To get that particular thing off your mind, it’s important to talk about it. However, on the internet, it might be certainly a lot easier than talking about it to someone. Besides, if this blog is getting a distinct number of views, I feel its good to talk about something that we all might live in.

Having just been on a night out in the town in Harrogate, I can safely say it’s unquestionably shite. It has to be said, it was by accident that I arrived in the town itself. I had been there by drink. Drink certainly tells its own story of leading you off to uncertain occasions. On this occasion, I certainly found my way there.

Quite why I found myself there who knows. I would want to remember it as a bad dream to be fair. Quite why people are prepared to put up with some ‘small-town’ crap, is beyond me. Some people might be offended by me, saying this but it really is true. If your an ‘outsider’ like me, and not a ‘townie’, you will be crept to feel a particular kind of way.

I was determined to find a party, it didn’t happen but the thought didn’t happen. But I love meeting new people. I am still enthusiastic. But I must relax. That’s what a summer is for. After all, I want to relax and find music.

At 18, When you got called a ‘fag’ at Spoons, it summed it up. One guy looked at me and it gave him all the things he needed to have a conversation with his friend, to sum up I was a ‘fag’. It didnt offend me one bit but it rather bothered me in the fact it was real small town mentality. They had never met me, and here I was, a guy in a cardigan with jeans, and dark shoes. I wasn’t angry, I just felt it matched the stereotype.

Nothing changes in town nightlifes like Harrogate. When University students go back to the town which they grew up in, they certainly find a massive resemblance between their new lifes and old ones. It’s a typical British town life, stuck in the own world. It deserves to get mentioned on the web because it does exist. People don’t know what to do with themselves in the nightlife during the summer, so they stick to Town when they really don’t know what is going to happen. If you want to have a random time, go to town, for a typical repetitive life.

Raves and Parties are the future. There are specific groups that will be always sick of the commercialism. I am one of them. I couldn’t be more specific because they are secret. At the end of the day, it depends what sort of person you are and what occasion you live for. But the findings will tell.