Millions of students around the country at Year 13 level will face one of the most important set of exams during their time in education.

For those like myself that are applying to University, this week is crucially important so you don’t screw it up so you have to retake the exams during the summer.

I certainly feel more nervous about the exams more than I did the previous year. I am now in my final year at school (I think) and have five months to get it right. Crucially however, the two English Language exams i am sitting this January include a resit from AS. Now there is no way i want to do bad on that one. I got a D last year for AS overall in the course. I was only a few marks off the C however and now I wish to improve on last years technique.

Time management is key for many Year 13/Upper Sixth students at school or college during the next five months. We simply have to get it right now. Straight after the exams, or even during it I go straight into coursework in English plus Performing Arts. I need to get these theories right, I keep telling myself.

Don’t say 2009 won’t be a mental year. It will be true to its word for students like myself across the UK.