This article was sent to the Harrogate Advertiser in January 2009, but for reasons, was never published. Black Vendetta are now based in London (headlined by one Nathan Virica) with the bands original line up, faded out before the summer of 2009. (edit – Dan Birch, March 2011)

Teenage rock band BLACK VENDETTA made a fine return to the stage at Hyper last Friday night.

Local guitarist and singer, Lloyd Meeks teamed up once again with his partner in crime, Nathan Virica in the first main Harrogate performance of this ‘new’ incarnation. The former Black Liquor members have been joined by the ex Sergeant Jungle bassist, Rob Miller as well as drummer, Rob Gath.

The band have been doing jam nights at the Blues Bar in Harrogate as well as Meeks and Virica performing duo acoustic sets at the same venue which have proved to be popular.

Vendetta who were the main act of the evening produced a fine six track rock driven performance sounding from the first album sounding similar to Oasis and the Rolling Stones. The bands fifth song on set, This is the Night (King of the fight) was perhaps the best song for its sheer britpop-style guitar riff with Rob Miller instrumental on base guitar. The Band were also the only one performing on nights to have a list of roadies who helped set the set up and introduce the band to the rest of the crowd at Hyper. There was no doubt this was the first time the genre had been played all night with different influences in the other four bands.

The band are currently practising live rehearsals on the second album, Young People Are Evil (it says so on the telly) at Knaresborough’s True North Studios. The next scheduled gig for the band is on Saturday 4 April 2009 where they will be playing up at Harlow, one of the suburbs of Harrogate. The exact venue of where they will be playing though is yet to be confirmed.

The bands website can be found here!