Foundry Court Football Club hit the headlines recently for a story which broke around the UCLAN Student’s Union – only for it to be an April fool’s joke.

Fresh from a 4-4 draw against Preston City, the news broke that a local team from Preston were looking to take action against the Halls side for playing on a pitch on Moor Park that they originally paid to hire.

The illegal use of pitch hiring resulted in a fake email being sent out to the Foundry players saying that they risked being expelled from entering the Student Union Football League if they did not pay to hire out the pitches.

The news erupted on social networking site, Facebook and also amongst the Student Union committee who as a Union were horrified at the circumstances. The president elect and Media Officer in particular fell for the joke, and were looking to do something to turn Foundry’s hope around.

Messages across campus of ‘SAVE FOUNDRY’ and ‘HANDS OFF FOUNDRY’ were displayed for students to see as the campaign, promised to be bring another controversial time for the Student Union to deal with along with the increased tuition fees.

The real scandal was whenever this would be another moment between locals and students in playing on Moor Park. The history dates back to January 2010 which saw Preston Council complain about Sport Journalism Year 1 and other teams playing on the Moor Park pitches when they were meant to be closed.
However as for it being a public park, teams will always play whenever they like regardless of the weather, as has been proved within the last two seasons.